[Ansteorra-rapier] Question for our fearless leaders

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> Which is why I can't figure out why people look back on it so fondly
> to relive the glories of youth).  It's like saying, "Hey, remember when
> volcano would blow up every few months and kill our families and our
> Wasn't that great?"*

I think that if you look at who is actually *saying* "Wasn't that great?"
you'll find that for the most part these people were either in on the fun
(not the victim) or were never elected victim.

> At any rate, it certainly wasn't boring.

Nope, never boring.  People went to great links to make sure that events did
not get boring.  If it did get boring, someone would do the "bored clap"
(copyright pending by Horoun) and then everything would get decidedly
UN-boring.  :-)

But it sure was fun.


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