[Ansteorra-rapier] Clarification (was: Cadets Corner)

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Oh I was just saying I heard it once and it was due to her being new and not
knowing anyone and just standing there. when I go to practices I watch but
white and red scarfs are always making sure that the people there are
getting the reps with them that they want to the best of their ablities. Has
a group It feels to me that we do are best that we can and this is from a
person like his don who's a primary heavy fighter.
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>Reading my statement, I realize that I inadvertently worded in such a way
>that it could be read in ways I didn't want.  Bad bard!
>It would have been better worded that some people had mentioned, that where
>they were, people didn't appear to want to fight them because they weren't
>interested in going for a red or white scarf.
>This was one person, who still lives in kingdom.   Since we were wondering
>why we seem to be down in numbers, I mentioned this,  since if even one
>person felt this way, others might that we never hear from.  The
>thing about this, is that at best this is always a matter of perception.  I
>have never seen anybody hesitant to fight me, and I'm pretty new, so it's
>obviously not been true for me.
>Also, the white scarves can't do it all.  The one thing I've noticed most
>that the dons and Dona's are usually trying to fight everybody as it is.
>Everybody should be doing this.  Heck even if you're new, you probably know
>more than someone who is trying to figure out which end to stick in the
>other person.  If this perception exists at all, it's bad.   The community
>must reach out, not just the white scarves.  I may be wrong, but my
>perception is that one thing most of the white scarves seem to be good at
>being willing to teach.   But they can't be the only ones willing to impart
>If you're an experienced fighter, take time out to fight with someone less
>experienced.  Show off your ability to teach.   That new fighter in the
>ratty loaner gear might someday be fighting you in the finals of a
>tournament.  You never know.  That's the funny thing about things like
>You just never know...
>AKA Pubear of bjornsborg
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>> I did a long time ago and I simple told her she had to ask and she would
>> help and I offered and helped her the one fighter practice and she got
>> help, but she moved to caid and is a countess there now.
>> Carlos
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>> Subject: [Ansteorra-rapier] Clarification (was: Cadets Corner)
>> >At 04:59 PM 1/23/02 -0600, Pubear wrote:
>> >
>> >(snip)
>> >
>> >>4) On the need for new blood.  I have heard of people interested in
>> >>that said that unless you weren't interested in being a cadet or white
>> >>scarf, nobody would train you.  Has anybody else heard this?
>> >
>> >
>> >Sorry for responding so late on this, but life's been *BUSY* lately, and
>> >I'm only now getting to play email catch-up. Anyway...
>> >
>> >Can you clarify that statement a bit? did you really mean that you'd
>> >that unless a fighter *isn't* interested in becoming a Cadet or WS,
>> >would train them?
>> >
>> >Or was it a typo and you meant that only those who *were* interested in
>> >being Cadets or WS's would get training?
>> >
>> >The first option seems just weird and backwards to me, the second seems
>> >more likely, if rather narrow-minded of any trainers who actually do
>> >
>> >Me, I'm willing to work with anybody; the problem is that I'm frequently
>> >unable to do so because of other obligations. (For example, at Queen's
>> >yesterday, I was out in the third round, but I spent the rest of the
>> >tournament marshalling, then had half an hour to take down and pack my
>> >pavillion before the White Scarf meeting, then Court, helping to serve
>> >feast and it was time to close the hall and go home.)
>> >
>> > -Tivar Moondragon
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