[Ansteorra-rapier] Question for our fearless leaders

Robert J Peterson diego at borg.com
Mon Jan 28 21:01:15 PST 2002

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> Hey Diego, where were you last weekend?! We missed ya at Queen's!

Just wasn't able to make it down.  I do want to hit at least one event
during thier reign though.  I'll warn...er, keep you posted.  :-)

> What I attempted write before (hit send half way through message -
> sorry) goes well with this (below) also... Gilbert & Sego would of
> thought any "volcano" anywhere was funny! You had to of known them way
> back when... they were, uh, unique.

 Yeppers.  Fun sometimes, but always unique.

> What Diego states is true though personally, I haven't ever agreed
> (imagine that) with the part about how the don's didn't like the
> piranha as back 'cause they don't turn on their own as often... these
> days cadets are more cautious, yes, but I bet dingo's would leave more
> evidence around than piranha's do!

Oh, I do not deny that everyone knew exactly who the guilty cadets were.
However, pinning down just which cadet was guilty at that time was a bit
more challenging.
(Hint always hang out with someone who looks even more guilty that you .)


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