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With regards to the rapier community, a thought occurred to me earlier this
evening which may merit some consideration,.

Perhaps one of the biggest problems we are facing as a group is that our
role has changed.  Where once we were working to find a place in the SCA and
establih it's validity, I think we now find ourselves on new ground.  Rapier
now has it's place in the SCA and now has to come to terms with who the
rapier community is and where that place fits among the others.

In the past, we got to take the role of the outsider trying to butt in where
he did not belong.  The rebel with or without a cause has always had a
certain attraction to people.

Next, we were the underdog fighting to fighting to find our place among the
Knights and Laurels and Pelicans, the Kings and queens and Dukes of our
game.  The underdog has also been a rallying point for many and a source of
inspiration, to whos banner many would flock.

Now it seems we have reached our goal.  What we do from here is up to us to

"Be careful what you ask for, because you just might get it. "  It seems we
got it, now what do we do with it?  I think that may be the question we need
to be answering.


> The Rapier Community has gone through many overhauls & changes within
> the last 5 years alone. We are still adjusting & growing at such a fast
> rate. Dress (actually making an effort to research & look the part),
> communication abilities (email), fighting & equipment rule changes,
> equipment growth & expansion, basic historical research, backing up
> research with proof, etc are only a few of many changes.
> regards,
> Chrystal Ariana MacRuari
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> --- "Coby M. Lynd" <mcdougal at abilene.com> wrote:
> > 4) On the need for new blood.  I have heard of people interested in
> > rapier
> >  that said that unless you weren't interested in being a cadet or
> > white
> >  scarf,  nobody would train you.  Has anybody else heard this?  I'll
> > be the
> > first
> >  to admit that this may be one person's perception, but if other's
> > feel this
> > way, then there is a problem.  It's possible for someone to start
> > dabbling and once they get the hook in their mouth they're stuck.
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