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When I started, I just watched the fighting. Then Don Glenn had me take two
sticks in about the lenght of a foil and dagger and while I watched tv
practice thrust and block, then go out side and thrust at a tennis ball on a
string. At thursday practices I would see if I could get one-on-one training
starting with foot work. Sunday practices I would do pick up fighting to use
what I have been learning.
While I watched tv I would practice for 2 hours to get use to the movement.
Tennis ball training was about 30 mins.
On Thursdays I would practice for about 1 1/2 hours.
On Sundays I would practice fpr about 3 hours.
Following this practice format in my first tourment at Steppes Warlord XI I
when to the 7 round.
Ld Carlos
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>Hi, what would be a good way to structure a practice (drills, lessons, free
fighting, and how much etc....)    differing opinions preferred :)  thanks
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