[Ansteorra-rapier] The Unified BlackStar

Puck Curtis puck_curtis at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 19 09:30:47 PST 2002

Greetings unto you all,

   I'd like to speak about the bonds between the armoured and unarmoured
fighters.  I can recall a time when there was no small amount of antagonism
between these two groups.  It's my opinion that without the heavy community
coming out to join us, Ansteorra would have lost the rapier point.  If you
would like to pass this missive to another reader, you have my permission.
I also apologize if this missive reaches you more than once.

  If you look at the BlackStar of Ansteorra, you can see it has many points
branching out in different directions.  Those points revolve around a
unified center, and I think we saw that center at the war.  Each of us
shines in our own way, but when times get dark and our kingdom has need, the
BlackStar shines with one single light.  During the first few days of the
war, it looked like we might have fifty rapier fighters if we were lucky.
We'd have been outnumbered by over two to one and it was grim.  When the
armoured fighters showed up to fight beside us, we numbered at close to 100.

  As we took the field, the queen and her ladies presented the fighters with
hand-made capes that boldly displayed the BlackStar.  It was a staggering
effort and a true symbol of the unity that we felt.  I can't imagine the
number of hours that went into the creation of these gifts, but I can
imagine the spirt that drove the effort.  Our queen is a great lady, and her
heart is strong.  She outfitted her host of warriors in her colors and they
were amazing and terrifying.  We swept the field like the wrath of an angry

  I had pledged that I would fight in the armoured battles at Gulf Wars and
carry a spear in defense of my kingdom, my queen, and my home.

  I must thank Jean Paul de Sans and Oxlade MacKinnon for their help. I went
to them and said "What do I need to do this thing?".

  They handed me armour and said "Take this armour and protect your body".

  They handed me a spear and said "Use my spear and smite the enemy".

  I said I needed training and they said "We will train you to fight with
grace and valour".

  I said "I have gold that I could give you for these things" and they
replied, "Keep your gold and pass this goodness on to the next warrior you
meet who has need."

  What does a person need to go to battle for their kingdom? They need
armour and a spear. They need training and practice. But mostly, they need
friends such as these to fight with. They need a place such as this to call

  I'd like to thank all the armoured fighters who came out to fight with us
and who helped me get ready to fight in the armoured battles with them.  I'd
like to thank the king and queen for being the strong center of the Star and
being a point of light that we can center on.  Latin tells us that Ansteorra
means "The One Star", but I look and I see thousands of stars shining
together as one unified light.

Don Pachomius OneShoe

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