[Ansteorra-rapier] Melees...

Richard and Debra Parrish armand_caitrin at juno.com
Mon Nov 11 18:44:23 PST 2002

		Noble friends...

	I wish to invite you to Autumn Melees. A must for all of Ansteorra.
Our rapier has proved to be unmatched throughout the Known World; let us
go forth and show them the skill and honor that we defend and protect
with pride. We will all unite underneath the banner of friendship this
day. Their Royal Majesties Ansteorra along with Their Royal Highness's
will be in attendance. Their Royal Majesties Trimaris and of  Meridies
will be honoring us with their presence. The Prince and Princess of Glenn
Abann along with The Prince of the East will grace our soil as well.

	Nobility from all over the land will bring the light, known as the dream
to these lands we all hold dear...Ansteorra. The presence of the
Ansteorran rapier is a blade of strength and honor. I, Armand am most
honored to stand among you on that field. Please come and let us welcome
these honorable and noble friends. Let us strengthen the Art of the
Rapier in the Known World.

The gates of Bordermarch never close....and neither do our hearts.

your friend..
     Baron of Bordermarch
Coastal Regional Rapier Captain for Gulf War XII

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