[Ansteorra-rapier] Concerns of the Marshallate

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Wed Aug 6 10:42:21 PDT 2003

As Dore pointed out the marshallate isn't interested in who wins (unless he's 
doing it in violation of our rules).  As he also pointed out earlier, the 
marshallate isn't here to dictate to us how we play the game. 

The marshallate is in place to 1) maintain the safety of our game, 2) 
maintain the playability of our game and 3) within reason, keep it honest, though the 
bulk of that responsibility falls to the fighter.

The marshallate is not interested in what is or isn't period technique, 
otherwise we'd allow hip tosses, bell punches, groin kicking, and similar period 
tactics.  As was pointed out on one or more other lists, safe will override 
period any day.  

This rule change, however, is not about safety or playability, it's about 
personal preference.  Therefore, we will enforce it, but we'll also try to get it 
overturned. Many of those who are trying to get it overturned are not 
effected by it, just offended by it. 

The minds we have to change it the society earl marshal and then the BOD.  

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