[Ansteorra-rapier] Midsummer Faire

AMBERD@flash.net AMBERD at flash.net
Mon Jul 28 09:48:05 PDT 2003

How bout laying down a little saw dust to make it even 
more fun. ;-)

I love a good challenge... (heck and given what I'm 
working I don't really mind a bad one either) and I 
have to admit it does add a new twist to fighting ;-) 
Sort of along the lines when there are "hazards" on 
the field.

(lost in atlantia for at least 4 more days)
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>Did they also lay down a layer of teflon?  Or just 
stay with the more 
>traditional ski wax?  
>Carluccio di Baia wrote:
>> To all those good people planning to attend 
Midsummer Faire this 
>> weekend August 2nd, let it be known that the rapier 
tournament will be 
>> held indoors on a freshly waxed tile floor.
>> In servizio umile,
>> Carluccio
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