[Ansteorra-rapier] The Sable Field of Death at QC

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Mon Jul 28 14:01:47 PDT 2003

For those of you who were not at Queen's, you missed a scary field.  There 
were three fields, and you stayed on your field all day, until there was few 
enough left to combine into less fields.  The sable field had 12 fighters, and 11 
previous Queen's Champion victories between four people.  HE Miguel, Masters 
Modius and Ansgar, HE Robert, and Dons Pieter, Aaron Stuart, and Brendan (who 
won the day) all started on that field, among noted others. It was "quickly 
dubbed the field of death."  Even I was guessing this must have been on purpose, 
but it seems it was not. The list mistress would like to assure everyone that 
it was not intentional, and her words are below. 

 "PS: Iago, will you please pass on to the rapier list (if you think they 
would like to know) that I set the fields by first putting all of the 
Dons cards in the front, then pairing them with a fighters from the top 
of the stack who was not from their home area, then pairing all of the 
rest of the fighters. I was assured by both a Don and my protege that 
there were three fields, so I took the stack of 32 pairings and laid 
them out one at a time into three separate stacks, so the first pairing 
went on the first field, the second on the second field, the third on 
the third field, and the fourth on the first field, and so on. The 
Sable Field of Death was a complete accident, although it was very 
entertaining throughout the day."

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