[Ansteorra-rapier] Argent Anniversary plans

Deborah Wade rhiannonferchcian at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 25 05:52:57 PST 2003

I'm sorry to be so slow in responding to your request for input, but the Sidesword issue seemed to be taking over for awhile.  

A Queen's Champion list could be fun to watch as well as showing history.

What about a list in which odd weapons combinations are requested (preferred) for at least one or two of the rounds.  This could require some creativity and would be fun.  The themed scenarios could easily involve the unusual combinations.

I am always in favor of a youth list.






Chris Zakes <moondrgn at austin.rr.com> wrote: Fair greetings,

I will be in charge of the rapier competition at Ansteorra's Argent
Anniversary next summer. I'd like something a bit more elaborate than a
single double-elimination tournament, and I'm currently kicking around
ideas for what to do. So far I've come up with:

1. A series of tournaments to reflect our history: one tournament that's
foil/epee only, one that's heavy blades only, one that's fighters' choice
and one that's sidesword (yes, I know that we're not supposed to compete
with sideswords; I'm still working on that detail. )

2. A series of scenarios, maybe a "rescue the prisoner" theme or like the
"night on the town" scenarios we did at Bryn Gwlad Baronial Champion seven
or eight years ago.

So... what would folks like? Does anybody have any other suggestions?

-Tivar Moondragon

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