[Ansteorra-rapier] Mini-event/practice

Patrick P darienwylde at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 23 11:12:54 PDT 2003

Fellow Rapier Combatants,

I was wonder if any of you would be interested in a
Rapier Combat mini-event and/or practice on December
7th, starting around 10 or 11am?

I have in mind a few scenarios that could form the
theme of the day, with pickups and practice

If I don't get enough response I will hold off till a
later date.  

But if there is interest you will begin your day
battling aboard a sinking ship with a rival ship's
crew for an exotic cargo to be delivered to a local

As the survivors make there way ashore the holders of
the cargo were ambushed and the cargo taken, but not
before the assailant was felled with a shot from one
of the remaining dry pistols.  Now the chest rests
between the two groups on a river island.  The local
constabulary has arrived but will not intervene until
someone shows they have control of the situation.

The chest of imports from the east being delivered,
the local lord has granted your group a small plot of
land to use for your operations.  However, much to
your chagrin, your rivals have somehow finagled an
area adjacent to yours.  In the midst of building a
structure to operate out of, your supply wagon has
been ambushed.  The animals panicked and your supplies
scattered around the roadside.  Now your group must
rush out to retrieve as many of the supplies as you
can before your rivals steal them all.

Some supplies salvaged and hasty fortifications
erected, both sides have decided the line must be
drawn here.  Now that you have a defensive position
established it is time to wipe your rivals out of this
area and establish dominance.

Well hopefully this whetted a few appetites.  If that
didn't, did I mention that its free?  Drop me a line
if you are interested, and I will let everyone know if
I get enough response to have it.

In Service,
Darien Wylde
of the House Wylde
Rapier Marshal
Shire of the Shadowlands
Kingdom of Ansteorra

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