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Patrick P darienwylde at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 5 07:34:37 PDT 2003

I just wanted to update the announcment of the
Shadowlands Demo, this Sunday to include directions. 
Sorry for the late notice but things have been hectic.
 We look forward to seeing some of you there, and are
thankful for any who show up to help.

The Shire of the Shadowlands(College Station, TX) is
holding a demo in conjunction with an Open House
display at Texas A&M University on Sunday, September
7, 2003, from 2pm-6pm. We are trying to attract some
new members as well as show everyone what we're about.

We have plenty of room for list fields and invite you
all to come down and help demonstrate rapier fighting,
or any other crafts you may have. We are trying to get
as many people as we can down here so we can make a
good show of it. Please mention it to your local
groups, if anyone wants to come show A&S, we will have
two pavilions set up, or just show up and talk to
interested parties, and we will have room for a heavy
fighter list field as well. We will actually be there
from around 1pm to 7pm, but the Open House is
scheduled from 2-6.

Thank you for trying to come, here are the best
directions to the site: 

Take your best route to Highway 6.  Travel south on
Highway 6, then take the University Drive exit and
take a right onto University Drive. You will continue
on University past Texas Avenue(big intersection), you
will then see the university on your left. You need to
get into the right hand lane, and take the Wellborn
Road exit(it is right before an underpass and right
next to an old 50s diner), take a left on Wellborn.
Continue a short distance on Wellborn and take a left
on Old Main Drive, onto campus at the intersection
next to the clocktower. There is a circle around the
clocktower, take the first right(at this time you will
see Simpson Drill Field to the left), take the next
left to stay next to the field, then one more left to
put you on the side of the field we will be on(the
opposite end from the clocktower). You should be able
to park to unload on the right shoulder of the road
and then someone we guide you to where to park. 

If you happen to miss the Wellborn exit and go through
the underpass, don't panic. Take the first left, which
is Olsen Blvd., and follow that through two curves,
and then take a left onto Old Main Drive(four lane
road with median going over the railroad tracks), you
will be going straight towards the clocktower when you
make this turn. Then continue to follow the original

If you decide to take Highway 21 into town, take HW
21, exit right on 47, drive a ways, then take a left
onto 60, drive a few miles(you will go past 2818 aka
Harvey Mitchell Parkway) then turn right onto Wellborn
Road and pick up the original directions from there. 

In case you get lost of need clarification, you can
call my cell phone at 979-224-1976. 

Thank you for your help, and we will see you Sunday. 

In Service, 

Darien Wylde
of the House Wylde
Shire of the Shadowlands
darienwylde at yahoo.com

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