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Greetings unto all good gentles who are planning on attending Academy of the Rapier this weekend.  Do not let the prospect of a little rain keep you home -- we have a VERY large covered area to keep everyone dry should the storm gods prove capricious.  

Besides, you don't want to miss the latest edition of Don Trading Cards (available with your site registration), or the AoR gazetteer featuring old (in some cases very old) WS photos.

Instruction has also been expanded to include a day-long class on period fencing according to De Grassi, as well as a 2-hour special of, "The Mind of the Duelist", by Dons Miguel, Modias, and Brendan.

The site is in great shape.  It has even been cooler down here of late.  So come enjoy and learn!!

In Service to The Dream,

Ld Brian mac Cael

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