[Ansteorra-rapier] Fwd: Yves' survey

James Crouchet jtc at swordworks.org
Wed Sep 24 08:31:43 PDT 2003

M. Yves de Fortanier has asked me to forward the note below to this list. 
He is taking an online survey and plans to use the results in a discussion 
class at KWAR.

I feel that I must point out some concerns have been raised about this 
survey. Yves has taken steps to clarify the questions and eliminate some 
of the concerns but he is limited in that he does not wish to 
fundamentally change the questions themselves because that would mean he 
would have to discard earlier results. It is better but it is still likely 
that you will find some questions where none of the answers represent your 
opinion at all. He points out that you need not answer those questions and 
I think that is a very good thing to keep in mind.

There is also concern over how the results could be used. For example, in 
one question he asks is, "What do you prefer to keep out of your own 
fencing experience in the SCA?" It has been pointed out that the results 
of this could be used to say "26% of fencers favor eliminating extraneous 
talking during combat," or similar sorts of things. Other questions that 
might be a concern include weapons choice and blade choice.

I do not believe M. Fortanier has any evil motives nor that he intends to 
misuse the data he gathers. I have taken the survey, with caution, and I 
do not mean to discourage anyone who wishes to do the same but I wanted 
you to understand the issues that have been raised before taking the 

Doré, trying to be informative but neutral.

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Subject: Yves' survey
Date: Wednesday 24 September 2003 01:09 am

Bonjour Dore', would you do me the kindness of forwarding this missive to
the rapier list(s) of Ansteorra with an appropriate subject line? Thanks
 in advance.
_ _ _

Bonsoir from Yves. My big survey for SCA rapier (#1) will be closed at the
end of September. Of the _numerous_ authorized fencers in Ansteorra (would
someone do me the kindness of providing a number?), I've identified that a
grand total of 18 have answered my survey.

Now, I am indeed grateful for each and every one. Even so, I'd love even
more - and I'll take as many as you send me. *g* ... Those of you who took
the survey, please recommend it to your friends. The more the merrier,
y'know - and the more accurate the results will be.


Thanks again for your time,
Yves de Fortanier


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