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Over the years I have used regular epees, unwired electric epees and musketeers. All in all, regardless of which type I used, they all lasted about the same. Then I put the bend against the point of the triangle, and not the flat, which I had done for years. The results were dramatic. A regular practice epee would last more than 2 years of heavy tourney fighting. Unwired electrics and musketeers became well nigh indestructable. While many of us oldtimers wish for the return to the days when France Lames was the pinacle of foils and epees, using this technique to bend the blade can make even today's epees last longer. 
If you already knew and are doing this, then good for you. I was one of those people who never fought a single bout on the strip, so this little piece of advice was something that never occured to me, until one of my friends who did fight on the strip told me. I guess old dogs, like me, can learn new tricks.
Henri Molineaux

Ld Angus <ldangusm at cox.net> wrote:
I have used and have or have had two of the Dinamo 35" blades and have used the TCA blade I see no difference in the two blades. But I did have a tang failure with one of the Dinamos but this was caused by a fault of my own not the blade. Several months back purchased a Musketeer as a replacement the difference is in the fuller it is much shallower than other blades and has overall been a nice blade to use. I myself would buy a Musketeer over the other two blades because these blades look more durable after the use it has seen than the others. Or I would buy a D90X over the T90X I think these two blades are closer together than to lump the Musketeer with them.
Just my $.02
Angus Matheson
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I need to order new blades. I usually use an epee. I was looking at Triplette and found these blades listed. I have used a Musketeer blade in the past and was satisfied with it, but I am not sure it is as indestructible as they say. I am not sure it has lasted twice as long as a T90X. 

Can anyone tell me the difference between the TCA and the Dinamo? Does the Musketeer really last longer than either of those? Is it mainly a price difference or is there a durability or quality difference? 

T90X    TCA Practice Epee, Extra Strong,35"     $39.95
T02      TCA Extra Wide Epee, (aka Musketeer).         35"      $60.00




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