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I have used and have or have had two of the Dinamo 35" blades and have used the TCA blade I see no difference in the two blades. But I did have a tang failure with one of the Dinamos but this was caused by a fault of my own not the blade. Several months back purchased a Musketeer as a replacement the difference is in the fuller it is much shallower than other blades and has overall been a nice blade to use. I myself would buy a Musketeer over the other two blades because these blades look more durable after the use it has seen than the others. Or I would buy a D90X over the T90X I think these two blades are closer together than to lump the Musketeer with them.
Just my $.02
Angus Matheson
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  I need to order new blades. I usually use an epee. I was looking at Triplette and found these blades listed. I have used a Musketeer blade in the past and was satisfied with it, but I am not sure it is as indestructible as they say. I am not sure it has lasted twice as long as a T90X. 

  Can anyone tell me the difference between the TCA and the Dinamo? Does the Musketeer really last longer than either of those? Is it mainly a price difference or is there a durability or quality difference? 

  T90X    TCA Practice Epee, Extra Strong,35"     $39.95
  D90X   DINAMO EXTRA STRONG 35" 29.95
  T02      TCA Extra Wide Epee, (aka Musketeer).         35"      $60.00




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