[Ansteorra-rapier] War Practise in Feb.

chris lucas kristoff18cbr at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 13 19:19:55 PST 2004

UUUUHHHHHGGGGG!!! What about us poor Warders out here in nowhere land ,oooohhhh woes me such conflicts to deal with.:-)
Warder Kristoff

HE Armand De Lacy <baron at bordermarch.org> wrote:
In the month of February on 25-27th, the baronies of Ravensfort and Bordermarch are hosting an event togather. The rapier will have scenario's just as gulfwar does. 
Once everyone is warmed up, we will have a field battle with no archery and no resurrections.
After this, we move to a battle like the gulfwar ravine... resurrections and timed limit. There will be a call made when 2 minutes are left... then after this, those fighters in a called distance of the flags will fight for control with no resurrections.
We then will have unit vs unit, these will consist of 3-5 fighters. 
After the needed practise, the castle with archery and rpg's are planned.
I hope many of you can make it out.
As of now, I have about 5 marshals for the day.
If you cant make it to gulfwar, come play with us... if you are going to war, come and prepare.
ever your friend,
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