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Tue Jun 8 12:24:46 PDT 2004

Corvin, you slacker!  You mean to get 1 night's sleep between fighting Friday 
and your gauntlet????  They just don't make new cadets like they used to 
<shaking my head>.  The gauntlet for my cadet, Amerinda, was in the afternoon 
after one of Ravensfort's fabled meat-grinders of a baronial tournament.  She 
was lucky I let her have a sip of water from time to time.  Rest was out of the 

FYI, for everyone that plans on "helping" Corvin with this gauntlet, the trick 
is to make it go all 5 fights (or 3 if he's doing 2 out of 3).  That way he 
gets the most experience he can.

Don to Amerinda

Quoting kwilson <kwilson at mail.ev1.net>:

> Bring 'em all on!!! I plan on doing either 3 out of 5 total (all 
> styles/weapon combo's, etc.), or 2/3 in no more than 3 different 
> style/weapon combos.  Keep in mind that I plan to be fighting in 
> all four tournaments on Friday.  So this really will be a Gauntlet 
> for me.
> I also will be furnishing cold water, ice cold wet washcloths, and 
> fruit for everyone who fights me (oranges most likely, though my 
> dear Brother will get pickles).  
> Simone, whoever you want to do your proxy is okay with me.  And I 
> plan on asking the boy some pretty pointed questions when he comes 
> back from band camp.....
> Corvin

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