[Ansteorra-rapier] Re: Ansteorra-rapier Digest, Vol 12, Issue 5

kwilson kwilson at mail.ev1.net
Tue Jun 8 14:40:15 PDT 2004

<message snipped>

Alessandro - if you think I won't do rapier and pickle, just try 
me. *smirk*

Ansgar - If you think Aeron's being easy on me, speak to him about 
it.  Wait, maybe I shouldn't say that...nah, he's the nice guy.

Avery - a), I agree with Tivar that you should be able to fight 
from a chair.  I know you've authorized and marshalled from one, 
you should be able to fight.  

Tivar - forgive Avery, he just a newly born Don and does not yet 
have command of all his super-powers. And I assume you mis-typed 
and meant to say, "Since I'm going to be spending most of Saturday
*running* the rapier tournaments while the rest of you enjoy 
yourselves, I'll almost certainly be in the mood to kill something 
on Saturday".  



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