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Theresa Kwasny thkwasny at cox-internet.com
Thu Sep 2 20:43:49 PDT 2004

How now, Ladies and Gentlemen of Ansteorra!
I write to announce a regional rapier fighter practice September 12th,
Sunday morning after Queen’s Champion. I’d also like to extend an invitation
to fighters from outside the Northern region. Join us, since you’ll already
be in the neighborhood! Learning something new from fighters you don’t see
every week is always fun. We’ll have plenty of room for one-on-one fighting
and melees too. (Perhaps a little Black and Gold scrimmage?)
When: September 12th, 9AM to 2PM
Where: Paradise Cove & Marina, Sequoyah State Park (A different section of
the same park Queen’s Champion is at). Flyers will be available at Queen’s
Champion or you can go to the find a map of the park on the Oklahoma Parks
and Resort Website:
For MapQuest users, the physical address for Sequoyah State Park is: 17131
Park 10, Hulbert, OK 74441
I will provide water, Gatorade and pickles. There is also a convenience
store at the Paradise Cove Marina for your snack and soda needs.
I hope to cross blades with you Queen’s Champion weekend!
 HL Therese Maria Giovanni
Northern Regional Rapier Marshal, Northern Regional Gulf War Commander
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