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James Crouchet james at crouchet.com
Mon Sep 20 15:41:45 PDT 2004

Known World Academy of the Rapier -- Web site: http://kwar.swordworks.org
Academy of the Soldier -- Web site: http://academy.swordworks.org

Subjects in this update:
-- Tee shirts/custom,
-- Hotel reservations,
-- KWAR reservations/online,
-- Youth marshalate policy,
-- Adult marshalate policy,
-- Lunch at KWAR,
-- AOS reservations.

There have been a number of new developments for KWAR. Rather than send
several separate e-mails I am putting them all in this one. Sorry, I know
that makes this a little long but please take a moment to read it if you
are interested in KWAR.

1. The Tee shirt deadline is TODAY. If you have not yet ordered your KWAR
tee shirt get an order form at http://kwar.swordworks.org/logo.shtml and
mail your order today if you wish to pick it up at KWAR. You CAN
order it after today but we will need to ship it to you. FYI, tee shirts
cost $10 if you pick them up at KWAR or $15 if we ship them. In either
case you can add a 15 letter name/phrase to the back for $5 more. IF YOU 
WANT A TEE SHIRT YOU MUST ORDER IT! We do not plan to have extras for sale 
at KWAR.

2. Omni Hotel reservations -- The online reservations system is no longer
accepting new reservations/changes. It quit working last week but we just
realized it today. You CAN still make/change reservations at KWAR rates
but you must do so on the phone. Call this number: 1-800-843-6664 and be
SURE to specify a KWAR room. Hurry! The cut off date is the Sept. 23rd.

3. Online KWAR reservations are now available! However, you cannot order a
tee-shirt nor extra CDs online. If you reserve online and you will need a
ride to the Friday melee site you MUST send me an e-mail letting me know
so I can be sure to have enough vans there for everyone. My e-mail is
steward at kwar.swordworks.org. But you only have a few days. The cut off is
the Sept. 26th. The online reservation site is:

4. Today is the last day to send off KWAR registration by mail.

5. KWAR WILL be open to youth 12 and up from all kingdoms. We will be
posting a full marshalate policy but in short:
16 & 17 years -- full participation
14 & 15 years -- no melees
12 & 13 years -- epee/foil only, no melees, parent or designated adult AT
THE FIELD/CLASS and a Youth Rapier Marshal present during all martial
Of course, various forms will need to be signed. For details and forms
visit http://kwar.swordworks.org/combat.shtml

6. The marshalate policy for adults, including melees and what to do if
 you are not an authorized fighter in the SCA will be posted at

7. Food -- If you want to eat lunch at KWAR or AOS we recommend you
 reserve a box lunch from Jason's Deli online. We have specific
 instructions for getting your lunch delivered to the right place. Click
 this link for instructions: http://kwar.swordworks.org/lunch.shtml

8. Be aware, attending Academy of the Soldier (where we will have musket,
cannon, blacksmithing and more) requires SEPARATE RESERVATIONS and a
separate payment. That is because it is an ECWSA event, not and SCA event
so we have to keep the money separate. Today is the LAST DAY to make
Academy of the Soldier reservations. The web site is here:

Dore, KWAR Steward

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