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Mahee mahee_of_acre at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 14 19:25:32 PST 2005

Greeting to the rapier community of Ansteorra from the Kingdom of AnTir. I am currently in search of the Kingdom Rapier Marshal. I have sent email to the regular address and did not receive a response. So I have come here to find him.
  I am the deputy coordinator of the 40th year celebration rapier activities. It runs from May 5 to May 15th in AnTir. I am looking to add the KRM to a very quiet list of other KRMs who are helping work out any kinks at this Society level event before any can happen, developing scenerios, and plan anything else that rapier fighters wish to do.
  I am also looking for a second person for my great home kingdom of Ansteorra. 
  There will be epee/foil activities and rapier/schlagger activities...maybe some back-sword too...if people help plan it. I would love to see a Ladies of the Rose tourney/Tea...but again...it all depends on who wishes to step up to the plate. I would love to see Ansteorra shine...even this far from home. You could even declare war on my Barony...my Baron, Don Wolfgang von Bremen, would get a kick having a rapier war.
  So, please let me hear from you.
  your servant,

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