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Wed Mar 22 06:51:17 PST 2006

Thank you Iago, 
  I will talk of two Things. 
  The First.
  As I walked with my comrades towards the rapier field, I saw a large group of fighters talking about weapons, styles, armour, etc. And I could not tell which army they were from. Every one was friendly and excited. And then we lined up in two lines and "Lay On" was called. Rapier had won the War. 
  The Second.
  In the drizzle of the second field battle I found myself seeing lots of little pointy things, aimed at me. Awsome. I also saw an Atlantian lunge towards the Ansteorran on my right, thus placing his mask in line with a quick thrust. Thus I made my first War Kill with Rapier. (I did not fight the Ravine) Just after I made that goal, I felt a light tap on my shoulder. I backed a bit and turned to the right. I found that the Atlantian flank was one foot from me, and three deep. I saluted and left the field, laughing all the while. I thanked them for my opportunity and their honor in not striking me. 
  Crandall, Olde Foole

Iago <baroniago at earthlink.net> wrote:
  Thank you Ansteorra. I was proud to lead Ansteorrans. Even more so 
when I saw how well we win. Though I'd prefer not to give myself a 
chance to see it, I'm prouder still to see how well we lose.

My thanks to my regional commanders, HG Conal, HE Armand, Lord Facon 
and Lady Amerlot (Lisette). I found myself with little to command, 
because they were taking care of it for me.

There were great deeds done, and honors awarded. I'll leave those 
tales for others to tell.

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