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Mon Apr 9 11:40:13 PDT 2007

Wiesenfeuer's Baronial event will be held from April 20 through April 22.
You will find more information here:
This year's rapier activities should prove to be great fun for our rapier
fighters and excellent entertainment for the populace!

Here is the current line-up:

*Friday Evening:* On Friday evening we will hold a *"Lantern Tourney"*. Each
combatant will have to carry a Lantern in his or her off hand while

*Saturday Morning:* Saturday's main venue will be the *Wiesenfeuer
Champion's Tournament*. With blessing of the previous year's champion the
tournament will be held "Meat Grinder" style with multiple fields and each
win being worth a single point. In addition to the single point fields we
will run a ladies' field with refreshments and entertainment for the ladies.
Points will be awarded by the ladies of the field! At the end of the day the
combatant with the most points will be declared Baronial Champion!

*Saturday Afternoon:* After the champion's list we will hold a *tavern brawl
*. Lord Miles Grey has donated a decorative rapier to be given to the winner
of the tavern brawl. The brawl will be played out in 3 "acts". First, a 3
resurrection free-for-all. Second, a "steal the turkey" match (the winner
will be the one to get away with the turkey!). Finally, a defeat the
cardinal's guards match. The combatant who exit's the Tavern First (while
avoiding or defeating the Cardinal's Guards) wins the point.

I look forward to crossing blades with many of the Kingdom's best this year!

Lord Orlando Di' Gilead
(Wiesenfeuer Rapier Marshall)

"Prudentia Prius Viris" - Wisdom Before War

visit my blog @ http://dan-thinks.blogspot.com

"Prudentia Prius Viris" - Wisdom Before War

visit my blog @ http://dan-thinks.blogspot.com
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