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A while back I did a little playing around with just such a family tree (for
Ansteorra at least). Take a look at what I have at:
http://www.stormypetrel.org/wsa/ . It may be a bit out of date (can't keep
track of cadets, and I am sure that a few Dons have been made since I stopped
working on it a few years back.

Hope this helps a bit.

Duncan Hepburn

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Greetings all,

My name is Griffin de Mohun, I was once a resident of
Ansteorra, so some of you may recognize the name.

Anyhow, I have undertaken a project to catalougue all
the White Scarves in the Society. This project is
done, and the excel spreadsheet is available (for free
;)) if you write me. I eventually want to build a
webpage with all the info.

Anyway, I am also attempting to trace lineages (if
any) for every Don (this file is also available from
me, although it is a work in progress.).

Being that Ansteorra is the originator of the Order,
there is a lot of history to cover.  Don Tivar was
kind enough to give me info on his cadets (and
grandcadets) who have become White Scarves, but there
is obviously a  lot more info.  His lineage so far
covers 23 of the 87 Ansteorran White Scarves, so if
any Dons out there were Cadets or have had any of
their own Cadets become Dons, please email me and let
me know.  I will keep everyone updated as more info
comes in.


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