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All I can say is that if there is a group that truly is in dire need, I'll
do all I can to help.  Have them contact me and I'll fabricate all I can to
help offset their costs.  Let me caveat that by saying I'll expect a degree
of commitment from the group.  I'm not going to make a set of hilts to sit
and rust for years because they elected not to buy blades for them.


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This post is mainly for local/warranted rapier marshals, but I'd like
anyone's constructive input.  
In reading all the hoopla going on on the main Ansteorra list, something
someone mentioned about the costs of new fighters triggered a thought.
Allessandro mentioned that he has talked to Scott Wilson of Darkwood Armory
about the possibility of getting a cost reduction on some of his practice
rapiers if ordered in bulk.  I don't have any specifics, and will follow
this up with an email to him asking about it.  My guess is that it would be
for some of his Economy hilt setups.  
As Stargate Rapier Marshal, something that I've noticed is how few groups
have any heavy rapier setups in their loaner gear.  When I took over the
position, I got 3 epees and a foil.  But more and more, heavy rapier is
becoming more accepted, used, and preferred.  With all Gulf War battles and
tournaments being fought with heavy blade now, everyone has more incentive
to use them more often.  Yet when a new fighter shows up and shows interest,
we give them an epee to have them start with, saying "you'll get to use the
big blades later".  This bothers me.  I've seen more than one person get
discouraged from this.  
There has long been an assumption or feeling that epees and foils are safer
than heavy weapons and thus are better to start new fighters with.  However,
there are numerous SCA groups in other Kingdoms (and likely some here), and
non-SCA WMA groups that don't feel that way.  They train their fighters to
use the tools they are going to use from the beginning, and train them well
and properly, and there are few injuries, even for those that do far more
potentially "violent' studies than we do (cut & thrust without tips or less
armor, longsword, quarterstaff, etc.).  Simply put, I think it would help
new fighters, teachers, and the rapier community as a whole, if we were to
start training people from the beginning with heavy rapier if that is what
they are interested in.
Let me one thing clear:  I am NOT saying or implying in any way to do away
with light rapier/epee&foil/smallsword.  For some, it is just their
preferred game.  For others, there may be physical reasons that they cannot
fight with heavy rapier, but want to still be able to participate.  And, as
our rules currently stand, minors who have graduated from the youth rapier
program are using epees only (see above paragraph for my thoughts on that,
but no mind).  So please, don't anyone come from this thinking I want
Ansteorra to be heavy-rapier only.
So, for the local marshals, I have the following questions:
Do you have any heavy rapier fighting gear (sword and/or gorget) in your
local groups' equipment?
If not, are you willing to talk with your group's seneschal and treasurer
about the possibility of buying the equipment?
Would you be interested in joining a bulk order with Darkwood to get
equipment for your group?
Also, for everyone else:
I don't know if he is going to have a minimum or maximum number of swords
that can be ordered at once.  Provided that spaces are available, would
anyone be interested in joining in on the order, just to have a (possibly
another) blade to use or loan out? (Aeron, of course, is excluded, as he has
too many toys already and no time to play with them anyway. Just
As I said, I'll contact Scott ASAP and ask him for more details on price,
quantity choice of hilts & blades, time of delivery, etc.
I'll post here again as soon as I have some concrete info from Scott.
Thanks everyone.
Ld. Corvin di Fenarro
Stargate Rapier Marshal
Kingdom A&S Historical Martial Arts Research Deputy

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