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Wed Jan 9 20:41:18 PST 2008

I am not a warented martial rapier or otherwise, but I am in an area that
has a desire for rapier fighters... unfortunatly i have no loner gear
absolutly none.
We as a thretened shire we no longer have access to funds but if everything
is reasonable in price I to would like to join in to purchas in bulk.
Ld Brynach ap Efflam

On Jan 9, 2008 10:02 PM, Northern Cadet <gassion_de_beaumarchais at hotmail.com>

>  All I can say is that if there is a group that truly is in dire need,
> I'll do all I can to help.  Have them contact me and I'll fabricate all I
> can to help offset their costs.  Let me caveat that by saying I'll expect a
> degree of commitment from the group.  I'm not going to make a set of hilts
> to sit and rust for years because they elected not to buy blades for them.
> Gassion
> Navarre's
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> This post is mainly for local/warranted rapier marshals, but I'd like
> anyone's constructive input.
> In reading all the hoopla going on on the main Ansteorra list, something
> someone mentioned about the costs of new fighters triggered a thought.
> Allessandro mentioned that he has talked to Scott Wilson of Darkwood Armory
> about the possibility of getting a cost reduction on some of his practice
> rapiers if ordered in bulk.  I don't have any specifics, and will follow
> this up with an email to him asking about it.  My guess is that it would be
> for some of his Economy hilt setups.
> As Stargate Rapier Marshal, something that I've noticed is how few groups
> have any heavy rapier setups in their loaner gear.  When I took over the
> position, I got 3 epees and a foil.  But more and more, heavy rapier is
> becoming more accepted, used, and preferred.  With all Gulf War battles and
> tournaments being fought with heavy blade now, everyone has more incentive
> to use them more often.  Yet when a new fighter shows up and shows interest,
> we give them an epee to have them start with, saying "you'll get to use the
> big blades later".  This bothers me.  I've seen more than one person get
> discouraged from this.
> There has long been an assumption or feeling that epees and foils are
> safer than heavy weapons and thus are better to start new fighters with.
> However, there are numerous SCA groups in other Kingdoms (and likely some
> here), and non-SCA WMA groups that don't feel that way.  They train their
> fighters to use the tools they are going to use from the beginning, and
> train them well and properly, and there are few injuries, even for those
> that do far more potentially "violent' studies than we do (cut & thrust
> without tips or less armor, longsword, quarterstaff, etc.).  Simply put, I
> think it would help new fighters, teachers, and the rapier community as a
> whole, if we were to start training people from the beginning with heavy
> rapier if that is what they are interested in.
> Let me one thing clear:  I am NOT saying or implying in any way to do away
> with light rapier/epee&foil/smallsword.  For some, it is just their
> preferred game.  For others, there may be physical reasons that they cannot
> fight with heavy rapier, but want to still be able to participate.  And, as
> our rules currently stand, minors who have graduated from the youth rapier
> program are using epees only (see above paragraph for my thoughts on that,
> but no mind).  So please, don't anyone come from this thinking I want
> Ansteorra to be heavy-rapier only.
> So, for the local marshals, I have the following questions:
> Do you have any heavy rapier fighting gear (sword and/or gorget) in your
> local groups' equipment?
> If not, are you willing to talk with your group's seneschal and treasurer
> about the possibility of buying the equipment?
> Would you be interested in joining a bulk order with Darkwood to get
> equipment for your group?
> Also, for everyone else:
> I don't know if he is going to have a minimum or maximum number of swords
> that can be ordered at once.  Provided that spaces are available, would
> anyone be interested in joining in on the order, just to have a (possibly
> another) blade to use or loan out? (Aeron, of course, is excluded, as he has
> too many toys already and no time to play with them anyway. Just
>  kidding....sheesh....)
> As I said, I'll contact Scott ASAP and ask him for more details on price,
> quantity choice of hilts & blades, time of delivery, etc.
> I'll post here again as soon as I have some concrete info from Scott.
> Thanks everyone.
> Ld. Corvin di Fenarro
> Stargate Rapier Marshal
> Kingdom A&S Historical Martial Arts Research Deputy
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