[Ansteorra-rapier] Green tape

Chris Zakes dontivar at gmail.com
Thu Mar 27 05:55:02 PDT 2008

Dore had posted a couple of days ago about the new experimental 
weapons that are coming on line:

>    * The tip of the blade must be marked with red and green. For 
> example, you can use a red tip with green tape, a green tip with 
> red tape, or any other color tip with red and green tape.

I was at the Michael's craft store in Round Rock yesterday. They have 
two shades of green duct tape--a basic dark green and an almost 
flourescent green. (They also had red, as did the Home Depot across 
the street.) Presumbaly other Michaelses would as well.

         -Tivar Moondragon
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