[Ansteorra-rapier] Iron Star tournament at 30th Anniversary of the White Scarf!

Kevin Wilson kevwilson at swbell.net
Wed Apr 1 18:10:06 PDT 2009

There will be an Iron Star tournament at Stargate Barony's Conflict at the
Faire or "Should Ramy Owe for what Ewely Et"?  The tournament will be taking
place in the Courtyard of the Carmes Dechausses, with one side being
Musketeers and the other side Cardinal's Guardsmen.  Teams can choose to
fight with only four members if they so choose.
Also, Celebrate 30 Years of the White Scarf in the SCA at its Birthplace as
the Baronies of Stargate & Loch Soillier host Conflict at the Faire or
"Should Ramy Owe for what Ewely Et?", April 17-19, 2009, at Camp Camwood in
Hockley, TX.  There will be as much fighting as we can possibly stuff into
one day, and see some of the History of the White Scarf, as White Scarves
from all around will be present, including some big names from the past.
Cadets will have a special project, being coordinated by Lady Catelin
Faelin.  Darkwood Armory is looking to merchant, so anything anyone couldn't
get at Gulf Wars (of if you were unable to go) may be available.
There will also be Chivalric fighting and Archery competitions, so there
will be something for everyone.
Get more information at http://stargate.ansteorra.org/baronial09.shtml or
contact Don Corvin Fenarro at kevwilson_AT_swbell.net. 
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