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Also, go to your local fighter practice and talk to the rapier fighters there and look at the gear.  While the kits are different they all meet the same basic requirements.

If you don't have rapier fighters in your area find someone close to you geographically and see what you can work out.

Where are you located? 


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You can get the armor, weapons and secondary equipment requirements from the official rule set.  It is located in pdf at: http://marshal.ansteorra.org/handbook/Complete%20Participant%27s%20Handbook%20Aug%202008.pdf
If you decide to produce your own armor, have the materials tested by a Marshal before you start construction.
Good to have you with us.


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hello!  I am just getting interested in/started on learning rapier fighting.  I just got a mask, but would like to know what else I need.  I've talked to several people and heard many versions of what should be worn, and I was wondering if somewhere there is an offical list of requirements and regulations I could look at?  or does anyone know for certain sure what it all is?  I'd appreciate anything. 

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