[Ansteorra-rapier] learning rapier

brekke lockerd sweetstuff6215 at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 9 19:56:31 PDT 2009

Thank you so much to everyone who responded and offered advice!  I appreciate it.
I live just north of Dallas, and I believe that Steppes is the closest to me.  I checked their calendar and saw that they usually hold rapier practice on Tuesday, but because I work a night job I can't always make it out.  I was hoping to get a start on what I needed so that if and when I was able to make it out there I can actually start learning and get more advice.  I don't know if there are other groups close to me, or if they hold rapier practice.  The mask I just got is a fencing mask, I'm pretty sure that will pass any of the tests that have to be done to it. 
I think that answers what everyone asked me.  
Thank you again for all your help, I hope to join the ranks of fighter soon!

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