[Ansteorra-rapier] Spears for heavy Rapier

Kevin Wilson kevwilson at swbell.net
Mon Apr 20 09:56:08 PDT 2009

I seriously doubt we'll ever see a C&T in melees, and I'm not sure I'd want to unless under VERY special and controlled circumstances.  Since we cannot have C&T fighting vs. rapier, everyone would have to be doing C&T, and I know I wouldn't want an entire army of rapier fighters doing C&T.

C&T isn't just 'grad school rapier', being done by more advanced/experienced fighters.  It's the study of Historical Technique being applied in a way that is still considered new to the SCA.  The Society tends to allow anyone who didn't injure their opponent in an authorization fight the OK to fight with rapier (both heavy and light).  That is not the case for C&T, nor should it be.  Every authorized C&T fighter has trained and shown that they can fight with technique and control under any circumstance they are likely to face.  It is FAR too easy to escalate calibration in melees.  Doing so with a rapier leads to hard shots and lack of control, occasionally injuring someone.  Lack of control and hard hits in C&T will OFTEN injure someone.  

As for the spear/pike idea, while I'd love for melees to become more historically accurate, I think that the potential for injury and squabbling is greater than what we'd gain from doing it.


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