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I have been corrected on the post I made below.
This year there will be no service point; however, marshals will be needed for all of the melees so please consider sitting out one to help with marshaling duties as away to support your Queen's army.  
Come have cross swords with your friends and support your chosen Queen.  We will have great fun fighting and fellowship in the evening.

See you all in just a few days.

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In just under two weeks The Battle of Three Queens will occur. This is always an exciting event filled with many twists and turns as the scenarios develop and the Points are award.  Come support your favorite Queen for the weekend.

Rapier melees are scheduled from 10:00 to 12:00.
Each of our Queens is developing a rapier scenario to challenge your skill with a blade.

There is plenty of space on the site so there will be ample opportunity for pickup fights and melee practice after the offical rapier points are completed.
Come out and enjoy the weekend and the last opportunity for melees before Bordermarch Melees in November.

Also, please remember that service is one of the War Points each year and marshalling will add to your favorite Queen's total.  Please consider marshaling at least some of the event.

Rhiannon ferch Cian

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