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Cassiano Di Pisa lepricon at thedawgz.com
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 The Musketeer is a double wide epee, unsuitable for "heavy" rapier. A
Schlager is a modified blade ment to fight in mensur, a German style of
duel in which the goal is to give and recieve certain scars but is
rounded off for safe use in SCA. This style of blade is usually lighter
but the blade geometry and balance make it unsuited for period rapier
techniqes and is basicly out-dated. A rapier blade, when done right, is
basicly akin to a period rapier but made safe for training haveing an
edge and taper profile suited to historical techniques. Ceallach mac
Donal has a great site with better information:
Hope this helps,
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Subject: [Ansteorra-rapier] Blade recommendation
From: Vickie <asiya_bint_mikhail at yahoo.com>
Date: Sat, November 20, 2010 8:11 pm
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I wanted to ask you some questions about Schlager style blades.  I am
looking to buy one for my Lord who is a new rapier fighter.
What is the difference between Musketeer, Schlager, and rapier blades. 
Basically he has an Epee and he is wanting a blade that will work for
when he is fighting Schlager style and we don't know if any of the other
types are acceptable or not.
I am looking at Zen warrior site but want to understand the difference
in the blade style so I get the one that will work the best for him.   
Thanks for all your help.

Mistress Asiya (formerly Arastya)
Vickie Bratcher

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