[Ansteorra-rapier] Proposed revision to rapier rules

Ceallach mac Donal ceallach at dwarfworks.com
Thu Oct 11 08:23:24 PDT 2012

Sorry, but rather than protecting against broken epees our puncture
resistant armor now protects us against untipped blades.  I know two people
that have taken an untipped blade in the hand through a glove and I don't
want to find out what that would feel like anywhere on my torso.  I quite
like having that protection as I have seen quite a few untipped blades over
the years.

Ceallach mac Donal

On Thu, Oct 11, 2012 at 10:05 AM, Barone Orlando Di Gilead <
orlando at agilejedi.com> wrote:

> Long thread and possibly I missed the discussion about the relation
> between our armor requirements and epees. I hold no malice towards epees
> although mine has become a pell in the last few years. I do hold malice
> towards the puncture resistant amor we wear.
> Would restricting our weapons to heavy rapier move us closer to dispensing
> with puncture resistant armor?
> HE Orlando
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