[Ansteorra-rapier] One way to never face an épée or foil again

Duncan Hepburn duncan at stormypetrel.org
Mon Oct 15 06:48:29 PDT 2012

Funny you should bring up this option Piet, as I was pondering a
question in a similar vein this morning while reading these posts...

A question for the marshallate and especially the marshallate
secretary: How many people in the kingdom are authorized for rapier
only (meaning not also authorized in heavy rapier or C&T)? If there
are any folks who would have more of a valid issue with the retirement
of these blades, it would be those *only* authorized in them.


Duncan Hepburn

On Mon, Oct 15, 2012 at 8:37 AM, Peter Wohlers <donpieter at aol.com> wrote:
> If you do not wish to be in anyway obligated to fight an opponent with a
> foil or épée again in this kingdom then please do the following. Send an
> email to the Marshalate Secretary cc'ing the KRM with the following
> I (legal name) known in the SCA as (Sca name) do hereby renounce my Rapier
> Combat Authorization (foil & épée) effective today (date). My other
> authorizations shall remain intact and unchanged. I no longer see a use for
> holding an authorization in a weapon that I do not use.
> I thank you for your time,
> (Legal name)
> (SCA Name and group)
> This will not remove you as a marshal for these weapons if you are a Rapier
> Marshal as there is no separate authorization for that. So if you are a
> marshal please find someone to train you on F/E if you do not know how. I
> will be more that willing to assist you. I plan to be at BAM.
> Don Pieter
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