[Ansteorra-textiles] Introduction

V. Owens vmowens at airmail.net
Thu May 16 13:50:03 PDT 2002

Hi All!

Thanks Clare for setting this up.  I love to ramble about fibers.

I'm Meghan MacLachlan but most everybody calls me Kestral.  I live in
the Steppes and have been pretty inactive for the last few years.  I've
been dyeing, spinning and knitting for about 10 years and weaving for
about 5.  I study Mediaeval and mid-1800's to early 1900's dyeing,
knitting and weaving.  I've just returned from the Maryland Sheep and
Wool Festival (America's biggest and oldest) and am all a-giggle over my
rare breed sample pack, weeeee!

I work at a Living History Museum and we have a small flock of sheep and
I'm their Mom.  This year we took the authenticity plunge, no more
electric blades, I've learned how to hand shear.  I'm no champion speed
shearer, which is fine since the whole point is to educate.  Oh, you all
will enjoy this - when we went to pick out the sheep for the 1861 Farm,
I got to research and pick the sheep breed.  I managed to find one that
has an early introduction date in American AND is documented to Scotland
in the late 1300's, hehehe.

Well that is all for now.


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