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Thu May 16 23:01:18 PDT 2002

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Hi, y'all.  I am Morgan Cain, currently of Steppes.  Ansteorra is the third Kingdom in which I have lived, although I have played in almost all the others.

I do quite a lot of fiber arts.  Of the period ones:  knitting, spinning, felting, dyeing, weaving (a little), sewing, embroidery, shibori, fingerloop braiding, freehand braiding.  I have a little two-prong lucet skill and am trying to learn the four-prong.  I also do quite a lot of modern or not-documented-pre-1600 fiber crafts such as batik and crocheting.  I've tried to learn naalbinding but I think I had a bad teacher, because I got too confused.  A friend has promised to teach me later this summer, if our schedules coordinate.

I teach some fiber classes:  fingerloop weaving, knitting, history of knitting (in which I answer questions about crochet - I am "old" enough, in SCA years, to remember when crocheting was approved in A&S criteria!), basic garbmaking.  I am co-running the Knitting Day at Lilies War next month if any of you are coming up.  And I am usually seen at events, get-togethers, and Faires with a bag of knitting hanging off my side.  <G>  I freely admit that unless I NEED to be period-looking, I will use circular needles and whatever yarn is appropriate for the end result (so I got teased from being at an event several years ago knitting a coral-coloured blanket - in the slight overcast of the day, it simply GLOWED).

I also "hang out" in the H-Needlework and H-Knitting lists, as well as some modern fiber-oriented lists.

Current projects are small things, not necessarily period but portable:  A watchcap, some slippers, and bath mitts and facecloths.  Have to check on the nieces' sizes this weekend before I knit any more sweaters for them.  Have some embroidered largesse pouches to finish, a new niece's blanket, and if I have time in the next couple of weeks, I want to try a knitted/felted tote bag pattern.

                                        ---= Morgan

The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.
                                      -----=   e e cummings


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