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Mahee mahee_of_acre at yahoo.com
Fri May 17 08:18:57 PDT 2002

 I am mahee of acre. I do inkle(with modern or with bone heddle) and
card weaving. I use rigid heddle looms, and soft heddles. I enjoy using
an otoman warp compared to a european warp because of the clean end it
gives me. I crochet, tatt, knitt(very poorly), embroidery, and
cross-stitch. I design tiraz bands for middle eastern personas which
are cross-stitch in arabic, and where the idea of "Favors" originally
come from. I lucet two and four post and occationally make one with
more posts for a specific purpose. I make inkle looms, heddles, lucets,
shuttles, etc. Basically I like working with fiber and have a lot of
fun with it. I like to make the tools for working with fiber as well. I
have a wheel, but sadly have not taken the time to use it more than
once. I stink at drop spindle...can never remember which way I spun the
thread last time. There are probably a few other things, but I cant
think of them right now.

If you like card weaving and have not been to this site, check it out.
They have a java-card weaving program there. http://theloomybin.com/
Your servant,

ps. My interrest in weaving is all Clare's fault :)

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