[Ansteorra-textiles] A Tardy Introduction

Dyan Ford dyanford at txucom.net
Mon May 20 11:11:04 PDT 2002

Greetings to all,

I am Shanahan the Fey, called Stormbearer and I apologize for being
so tardy with my intro.  I am starting weaving with a small, rigid
heddle loom some 30 years ago when I first joined the SCA but never
devoted the time and practice to become a 'Good' weaver.  That is my
dream this time around!  I have tried my hand at card/tablet
weaving, knitting, bead-looming, crocheting, rug-punch,
punch-embroidery & drop spindling (and am _very_ bad at most of it).
Weaving tiny beads on ultra-thin wire into headpieces and into
embroidery pieces were my mainstays for many years.  Now I want to
do other things, like inkle weaving, tatting, and mastering that
dratted spindle!

Seriously, the term 'Jack of all trades & master of none' really
applies to me.  I've dabbled in many things yet am still learning...
and still finding new things I want to try.  Hopefully, my
Apprentice, dear Mahee of Acre will take pity on his poor ol' Laurel
and will help her re-learn the volumes she has forgotten and
discover many things she never dreamed of. <<grin>>

I am so glad that Mistress Clare has started this list... I think we
will all have fun here.  I am looking forward to meeting all of you
at the various events.  Oh, I almost forgot... I'm one of the
original founders of The Stargate in Ansteorra, and currently belong
to one of its cantons, called Gate's Edge.  I live in mundane rural
Magnolia (near Houston) and hope to start a rabbit 'collection' for
the shearings.... Wish I could afford an Alpaca for the wool!


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