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I'm soooo excited about the Ansteorran Textile Guild!  My thanks and gratitude!

I go by Phoebe Hotham, have been a member of SCA since September 2001, am a member of the Mooneschadowe Shire, and am very excited about the development of the Anteorra Textiles Guild.  Since, I'm a 'newbie', there is so much to learn about period textiles.

I don't mind research and typically just need pointed in the right direction for inspiration for within my nature exists a high interest level in everything!  It is fascinating for me to know and experience how things work, go together, get made
whatever the medium may be.

The long and the short of it is that by the age of 5 I was constructing major artistic expressions with cardboard boxes, masking tape, scissors and crayons and I haven't stopped exploring design and fabrication.  The common thread (no pun intended) to many of my adult creative endeavors has been textiles of all sorts.

My most recent exploration has been loom weaving at the local art center.  Both there and at home I work on a 4-harness jack loom.  I began open weaving studio last summer and am "hooked".  As I weave, all sorts of future ideas come to mind.  By the way, my home loom is portable-though does not look period.  I've been pondering changing out some of the more mundane ropes and bits to leather so as to make it more usable for SCA demos.  Would welcome some ideas as to how others have accomplished this task.

Other areas of exploration are:  basket weaving, costume design and development, sewing, tailoring, alterations, "habadashary", crochet, knitting, latch hooking, dyeing, macramé, vine expressions-wreaths, silk flower making, herbology, earthly endeavors, and so much more.   I collect all sorts of goodies for reuse/recycling so frequently can be found at garage sales, thrift stores, and wherever else my creative spirit is drawn.  :)

In my mundane life I am a "bean counter" for a department at Oklahoma State University, have a sweetheart whose name is Mike, a herd of outside cats, and a very fluffy soft haired indoor unsighted cat named Yoda  (Really, when I named him there was no idea of the upcoming Star War trilogies-he just sat about looking like the Yoda in the earlier episodes.).  We live on the edge of town and are slowly developing a 10-acre piece of property where we eventually will retire to our respective interests.  :)  I can't wait!

Many blessing to all of you and, again, I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the Guild.

Phoebe Hotham
Mundane: Hannah Barbara

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