[Ansteorra-textiles] knitted socks, stockings, hose and knitted lace

Carolle M Cox hpockets at gte.net
Tue May 21 11:28:43 PDT 2002

> Gerita:
> Do some on-line searches and the patterns for the Gunnister Burial
> Stockings and Eleanor of Toledo's stockings should come up. I believe an
> interpretation of Eleanor's stockings was also in a TI a few years ago.
> I have more references but it is all at home.

Great!  Thanks for the start here . .
> As for knitted lace, I would be very interested in seeing any references
> to knitted lace during our period. I had been told years ago that it was
> outside our time period, but that was ages ago and our research keeps
> getting better.  Currently I'm fixated on 1800's knitted lace edgings.

Kestral, it is not, as far as i know, anything like within our Period.  i'm
just fascinated by it, and determined to learn to knit the stuff, just for
fun (one hopes)


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