[Ansteorra-textiles] knitted socks, stockings, hose and knitted lace

V. Owens vmowens at airmail.net
Tue May 21 12:12:17 PDT 2002

>> As for knitted lace,
> Kestral, it is not, as far as i know, anything like within our Period.  i'm
> just fascinated by it, and determined to learn to knit the stuff, just for
> fun (one hopes)

Ah ha.  I'll get you some references and web addresses with patterns.  I
enjoy knitting lace edgings and I am so not into frills.  If your a good
consistent knitter, you shouldn't have any problems.  Try this
cast on an even number +1
row 1 - sl *yo, k2tog*
Row 2 - purl all
repeat row 1 and 2 till your sick of it.  Work on getting the yarn overs
nice and consistent, many of the holes are made with yarn overs.


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