[Ansteorra-textiles] knitted socks and lace again

V. Owens vmowens at airmail.net
Wed May 22 14:13:17 PDT 2002



This web site http://www.people.fas.harvard.edu/~trombley/patterns.html has a dozen + historic knitting manuals
dating from the mid-1800's up to WWI.  The WWI patterns are a hoot, knitted bandages, eye covers, washclothes
and hot water bottles.
The vandyke edging in the 1846 booklet has an error in it.  I'll send
you the correction.
Some of the terms are different.
o or make 1 =  do a yarn over
turn a stitch = purl
n = k2tog

If money is no object let me know and I can give you a slew of book
names with oodles of lace patterns.  I have found that Folk Socks
besides being an enjoyable book has some of the clearest instructions
for turning a heel and covers a number of heel and toe varieties to can
come in handy.

(she who uses size 00000000 needles)

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