[Ansteorra-textiles] knitted socks, stockings, hose and knitted lace

Morgan Cain morgancain at earthlink.net
Tue May 21 12:17:57 PDT 2002

Correct, lace is post-1600 for the most part.  There are the stockings
allegedly given as a gift to Queen Elizabeth by one Mrs. Montague that
contains a very simple lace pattern, but the provenance is questionable so I
would not rely upon them.  The closest I have found to knitted "lace" in
period is a colourwork design down the front of a knitted jacket.

As for stockings, Kestrel gave some good sources for period patterns.  If
you want to learn basic sock knitting skills, I can give you online and
off-line references.  I teach classes on knitting and socks, but won't be at
Warlord.  If you are going to Lilies, Monday is their Fiber Guild's Knitting
Day, and we are planning to teach sock knitting among several other things.

I've also taught a lecture course on "Socks and Stockings in Period" which
includes the sewn versions as well as knitted.

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