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Robert and Beth Ellis killian at viptx.net
Fri Jan 9 10:22:13 PST 2004

Hi Clare (and Everybody),
I've been working on a weaving sampler of single ply shetland, to see if I've
found a better way of preparing the warp so that it doesn't break when on the
loom.  I subjected this warp to a gelatin size, and so far (keep fingers
crossed) no warps have broken.  I've never had a problem with plied handspun as
warp, but singles have been another story.  We'll see how it finishes out.

I have also been working on my long draw technique.  My short draw just beats
the band (the technique I use for that has absolutely minimal finger and wrist
action, so no repetitive wrist movement issues), it's fast, and I really like
how the yarn turns out.  But, my long draw has always just !$!$**ed, so I
decided to get serious with it.  It's coming along, but I'll be happier with it
after some more practice.

Last week I also decided to learn to knit.  I've crocheted for a zillion years,
but never "took" to knitting.  The problem with crochet is that it's a yarn
eater, and big stuff weighs a ton.  Although the process is fast, I've never
liked the yarn wastage (especially when it's handspun!).  I'm picking knitting
up pretty quickly, and am happy to confirm that it's much more efficient with
yarn.  On the downside, the process seems much slower than crocheting - but
then, there's always a trade off.

What else is everybody doing?

"N.D. Wederstrandt" wrote:

> At 08:41 AM 1/9/2004, you wrote:
> >Greetings!
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> >Odd!  You Should (sad grin) be able to go to the YahooGroups web page and
> >add yourself.  Did you try this and it not work?
> >
> >Gerita
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> >Not the list-owner, just the big mouth around here
> Wwll, when I tried to add her she was already on so she may have figured it
> out... (grin).  It's always hard to say.
> And you can say anything on this list you want, (grin).  We all own it in a
> way.
> Speaking of things .... what's everyone been doing?  I am currently
> spinning up small Grey Romney to finish knitting a sweater.  It's the first
> time I've done knitting from fiber I've spun so that's sorta
> interesting.  I also have been collecting lichen to work on dying somme
> fiber but that will happen in the spring.
>          Embroidery wise, I fished out an incomplete embroidery project
> (pillow top and I finished the embroidery part but haven't made any
> pillow.  I did three inkle bands to use in some carrying bags and have cut
> and pinned those to sew.
>          Winter is the best time for me on projects.  During the summer,
> I'll embroider but the idea of touching anything is not a happy one (grin)
> What's everyone else doing?
> Regards,
> Clare
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