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Gerita hpockets at verizon.net
Fri Jan 9 12:05:55 PST 2004

Thanks, Clare!

What am I doing, she asks.  

Well, lessee.  During the Fall I hurt my back at work, so things have
been rather difficult around here regarding 'doing' much of anything
since therapy takes up half my day and for some weird reason they will
Not let me knit whilst doing that work.

I finished knitting up a bunch of wool sockies for a charity.  Then
decided my mother's nasty little dachshund needed a sweater.  That's
still in the works, also of wool.  I've half a mind to make a little
muzzle to go with it, but methinks Mum would not appreciate it, and the
nice sweater would get doggie spittle all over it as Fritzie added his
opinion. <sigh>

Then I began a bunch of baldrics for the Chirurgeonate.  Thirty went to
Pennsic as loaners, and I don't know what the count is now that belongs
to the Ansteorran Guilds of Chirurgeoning and Waterbearing.  

And then I decided that the white and gold trim for the next series of
baldrics needed to be done on my Inkle loom, only to discover that I
have no clue which fibers would be best or, indeed, how to warp that
loom after all these months!

Anyone going to Coronation?  I'll be the one frantically toddling
between HE Fritz's Gulf War Gate star sale and a coffee shop (yes, a
coffee shop!)outdoors the proceeds of which will go to the 25th
Celebration this summer. 

Tuesday night I agreed to take over Principalship of the Steppes
Clothiers' and Textile Guild.  We'll begin meeting at my house in
February.  Votes are now being taken for a choice of nights.  Lady
Catalina will continue her Wednesday night sewing evenings (plenty of
space for laying out your pattern or setting up your sewing machine).
She has done a yeoman's job with this Guild for the last four years, and
I hope I can do half as good a job during my tenure. 

For those of you who attended Steppes Twelfth Night, I did Not get a
Thistle in Applique! Our Baroness insists that she sent forward a
request for a Thistle in _Costuming_ for me, which somehow got turned
into appliqué on the way back.  And I did nothing at all with the
beautiful Glaslyn table decorations other than knit a tiny Apprentice
belt for the "Bearoness" who presided there. Ladies Cyril and Micola did
most of that table, ably seconded by several other Ladies of Glaslyn.
Must keep the records straight, somehow.

And, last, but not least, working on upgrading the classes I'll teach at
Lilies War this summer.  Sadly, I have put away from me the dream of
teaching Japanese silk embroidery.  The materials are just too darned
expensive and Lilies is Out Side In The Dirt!!!

And yes, Galen, I'm still hot on the trail of weaving flax seeds.  I
think I've found a couple of sources - will share them when I get two
minutes to myself.

Gerita the ever-tired

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