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Thank you, Mam

I'm working on getting plowing done.

(so we have a place to *plant* the flax, once you find it. Esther gave me a
url...but, of course, not being a computer person...I've lost it.)

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> Thanks, Clare!
> What am I doing, she asks.
> Well, lessee.  During the Fall I hurt my back at work, so things have
> been rather difficult around here regarding 'doing' much of anything
> since therapy takes up half my day and for some weird reason they will
> Not let me knit whilst doing that work.
> I finished knitting up a bunch of wool sockies for a charity.  Then
> decided my mother's nasty little dachshund needed a sweater.  That's
> still in the works, also of wool.  I've half a mind to make a little
> muzzle to go with it, but methinks Mum would not appreciate it, and the
> nice sweater would get doggie spittle all over it as Fritzie added his
> opinion. <sigh>
> Then I began a bunch of baldrics for the Chirurgeonate.  Thirty went to
> Pennsic as loaners, and I don't know what the count is now that belongs
> to the Ansteorran Guilds of Chirurgeoning and Waterbearing.
> And then I decided that the white and gold trim for the next series of
> baldrics needed to be done on my Inkle loom, only to discover that I
> have no clue which fibers would be best or, indeed, how to warp that
> loom after all these months!
> Anyone going to Coronation?  I'll be the one frantically toddling
> between HE Fritz's Gulf War Gate star sale and a coffee shop (yes, a
> coffee shop!)outdoors the proceeds of which will go to the 25th
> Celebration this summer.
> Tuesday night I agreed to take over Principalship of the Steppes
> Clothiers' and Textile Guild.  We'll begin meeting at my house in
> February.  Votes are now being taken for a choice of nights.  Lady
> Catalina will continue her Wednesday night sewing evenings (plenty of
> space for laying out your pattern or setting up your sewing machine).
> She has done a yeoman's job with this Guild for the last four years, and
> I hope I can do half as good a job during my tenure.
> For those of you who attended Steppes Twelfth Night, I did Not get a
> Thistle in Applique! Our Baroness insists that she sent forward a
> request for a Thistle in _Costuming_ for me, which somehow got turned
> into appliqué on the way back.  And I did nothing at all with the
> beautiful Glaslyn table decorations other than knit a tiny Apprentice
> belt for the "Bearoness" who presided there. Ladies Cyril and Micola did
> most of that table, ably seconded by several other Ladies of Glaslyn.
> Must keep the records straight, somehow.
> And, last, but not least, working on upgrading the classes I'll teach at
> Lilies War this summer.  Sadly, I have put away from me the dream of
> teaching Japanese silk embroidery.  The materials are just too darned
> expensive and Lilies is Out Side In The Dirt!!!
> And yes, Galen, I'm still hot on the trail of weaving flax seeds.  I
> think I've found a couple of sources - will share them when I get two
> minutes to myself.
> Gerita the ever-tired
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