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KRISTINE KEENEY kristine.keeney at sbcglobal.net
Mon Mar 15 22:23:40 PST 2004

  I started crochet to make snoods  - I could see no
reason to pay the hu-normous prices charged at Ren
Faires and such just to keep my hair together. That
taught me how to go around in circles. I'm *really*
good at going in circles!
  Then I started to make scarves - long skinny
rectangles. Ok. I got good at rectangles. Really,
really LONG rectangles. 
  A friend challenged me to make a crocheted wrap -
basically a big rectangle with a slit up the middle
for poncho-like style. (I know, there's a name for
them but can't remember it right now...) I've finished
the first big rectangle, then couldn't keep the
tension for the second and gave up. 
  The doc now wants me to do at least three rows of
crochet a day to build up the strength in my hands.
Now I have a decent therapy that's fun to do! No more
  My goal is to one day be able to play with TWO
needles instead of just one... and learn to spin, and
play with a loom, and.....
  As for 'finding' more fiber? My mother brought back
some pretty roving and spun stuff from a fiber fest in
Colorado and some nifty things from Guatamala. It's so
nice to have family that understands....

  Thanks for the words of support. I don't feel like
I'm a noodge anymore.
  Best thoughts,
   Kristine (Cassandra) 

> Hi Cassandra:
> I'm glad you let us know what you're doing... I
> enjoy making squares.  Most 
> of what I knit are squares.  THe sweater is the
> first thing I've knit that 
> wasn't square or rectangular.... Actually the
> sweater is sorta squareish.
> Seriously.. Everything I knit is square.  I'm
> totally envious of people who 
> actually knit.  (like Audette when she isn't falling
> on the floor.)  I make 
> lots of squares.
> As for your fiber.... the only thing to do is get
> more then no one will see 
> that you don't have a shelf under it. (grin).
> Regards,
> Clare 
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